Writing Coaching

reaching for the prizeWe also offer one-on-one support throughout the writing process. Our greatest pleasure is to work with non-native speakers, non-traditional learners (holistic thinkers, auditory learners, kinesthetic learners, etc.), "non-writers," and those who are feeling isolated and would like more regular guidance tailored to their particular needs. We specialize in helping to deconstruct writing roadblocks and helping clients understand and capitalize on their natural approach to the writing process.

The content of coaching meetings is tailored to each individual client, their needs and concerns, and their writing project, schedule, and goals. Meetings are both supportive and practical: we check in, discuss any challenges that have arisen, review previous work, create strategies for continued progress, and set goals for the next meeting. In addition, elements of the writing and research processes are taught as they become relevant and useful.

Proposal, thesis, and dissertation coaching

Perplexed by proposals? Daunted by dissertations? We can help narrow your research question(s) and clarify the research process, every step of the way. Together we will deconstruct the document into its component parts, rendering it more approachable.