Publishing: Cover and Graphics

Polish your book, inside and out. We can design your cover, graphics, and illustrations so that your book shines.

The cover of your book is an important selling point. We begin by talking to you in depth about what kind of cover you want—what you like, what you don't like, what you dream of, and so on. Based on our conversation, we generate draft ideas for your feedback, proceeding through the design step-by-step and getting your input all along the way.

We can also create eye-catching and elegant illustrations, graphics, tables, and icons for the interior layout of the book as desired.

Once a book is complete, many authors choose to have an accompanying website that they can use to promote the book and drive traffic. We are able to build book websites (as we did for Unlocking the Ivory Tower) that maintain the same look and feel as the book, links to the book on Amazon and other booksellers, and helps the author maintain brand consistency and professionalism.

Book covers
Book graphics