Publishing: Formatting and Layout

The look and feel of your words on the printed page guides your readers' first impressions. Make sure you look like a pro.

The layout of your book should support its readability and demonstrate to the reader that you have produced top-quality work. Every detail should be in place, and every design element consistent.

Our designers and editors will start by investigating your preferences in terms of line spacing, paragraphing, white space versus text, and so on. Working together, we will create several layout options for you to choose from. We handle all the details including text separator art, chapter opening design, and heading design.

Once the layout design is finalized, our designers will import your word-final, proofread manuscript text into Adobe InDesign and apply the design. The use of text and heading styles ensures consistent formatting throughout. Once everything is in place, we conduct a second proofreading of the design elements to ensure that every detail is just right.

Book layout