Raves for Together Editing & Design

Book-length clients

Unlocking the Ivory Tower

Unlocking the Ivory Tower

Together Editing did a first-class job in editing our rather long and detailed business book. Anna and Leslie improved our effort to simplify some complex academic findings into language that managers could understand. Our book was much better as a direct result of the editing, and we would not hesitate to use Together Editing again for a future project.
–Eric Ball & Joseph A. LiPuma, Authors [Amazon.com]

Woolly Mammoth Boy

The Odyssey of Woolly Mammoth Boy

Thank you Anna! You and Leslie are Angels to individuals like me. I always feel so much better about the situation that was stressing me out and I also feel so supported and looked after.
–Vicente Rubio, Author [Amazon.com]

Tape Sucks


Thanks to you, my book grabs the reader right off, flows well, and reads smoothly. Your guidance through the e-publishing was invaluable, and I would definitely work with you again.
–Frank Slootman, Author [Amazon.com]

Butterflies Over Africa
Forget Not the Sparrows

Butterflies Over Africa and Forget Not the Sparrows

Without you, this would not have been possible. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done to bring this book to fruition and for all that you are.
–Yene Assegid, Author
[Butterflies on Amazon.com / Forget Not on Amazon.com]

Human Becoming

Human Becoming: A Guide to Soul-Centered Living

I highly value your editing style, with my long sentences and all. There will be another book that takes this work farther as it evolves itself.
–Ruth Lamb, Author [Amazon.com]

Social Inc.

Social Inc.

[Anna Doherty and Leslie Peters] did the work on my book, and I recommend them highly…They are a great one-stop shop from writing to editing including design work, and all the back end stuff with the eBook. Don't try to navigate this yourself is my advice.
–Bob Zukis, Author [Amazon.com]

Participation and the Mystery

Participation and the Mystery: Transpersonal Essays on Psychology, Education, and Religion

Ms. Doherty's editorial magic blessed many of the chapters of this book making the English prose of this Spaniard more elegant and idiomatic. Doherty is the best editor any author can dream of—an editor who can help one to say what one wants to say more elegantly and effectively. I feel much gratitude for Ms. Doherty for helping me transform this world in directions I feel we both are attuned to.
–Jorge Ferrer, Professor, California Institute of Integral Studies [Amazon.com]

Dying for Triplicate

Dying for Triplicate

Dying for Triplicate is doing better and better each month. Yesterday it was No. 3 on Amazon Kindle for the top 100 books in the category of Drug Dependency. [Amazon.com]

A Better Way of Dying

A Better Way of Dying

The publisher told us the writing is so clean, they are skipping an entire phase of editing review and going straight to galleys! That's all you. Thank you.
–Eileen M. Fitzpatrick, Author [Amazon.com]

Academic writing and study skills clients

Thank you very much for all the time you spend with me. It really helped me to reconnect with my dissertation topic to organize my ideas better, [and] to be specific. Thinking through it with you was very helpful. Thank you also for the notes. That is just so great. You are extremely skillful putting the ideas down and have something concrete.
I've found your detailed comments and editing suggestions incredibly helpful! I really appreciate the specific suggestions and guidance on how to resolve issues in my chapters. … I'm in the final process of having my first journal article published -- much thanks to you. I learned a great deal about writing from working with you on my dissertation. Thanks again!
Your promptness, flexibility, patience, and understanding me…I value and appreciate [you] very much.
Another successful semester is coming to an end—with your help. Many thank you for your continual assistance with my writings.
Your support from the very beginning stages of this helped me make "lemonade" time and time again. You helped me see that while, yes, this is an academic research endeavor, it is truly something far beyond. My gratitude to you is beyond words.
–Denise Renye
Thank you so much for your editing and academic navigation. I am happy to be in your group—again, in 2012. Wish you family the best the world can offer. With deepest gratitude and love,
–In Hui
Your balance between a gentle and directive approach, I imagine is helping many students move forward in a positive direction!
–Melody French

Graphic & website clients

New England Society

New England Society in the City of Brooklyn

Leslie has a remarkable tenacity in getting things right. It is a pleasure to commend her work and the work of others at her firm, and to recommend them to prospective clients.
–W. Gerow Schick, Historiographer

My Special Transition

My Special Transition

We are extremely pleased with out website! Leslie is the ultimate professional—talented, easy to work with, and tuned in to the website user experience.
–Abby Bethke, Owner

Unlocking the Ivory Tower book
Unlocking the Ivory Tower website

Unlocking the Ivory Tower

We are both really impressed with the quality and look of the site, it is a professional book site that we think stands up with any from authors at the major publishers. THANK YOU!
–Eric Ball & Joseph LiPuma, Authors


The Geochemist's Workbench

Everyone really likes the way the websites are coded and laid out. They're organized, clear and easy to maintain. Leslie is our first choice when it comes to web development and graphic design. She has great ideas, does what she says she will on time and on budget, and most of all has a frictionless style of working.
–Craig Bethke, Principal, gwb.com

George Evelyn Miller, Artist

George Evelyn Miller, Artist

It's a pleasure working with Leslie. Whatever your objective, she gets it right off the bat and buckles down to create a highly polished website. In working together, her recommendations always surpassed my expectations, not to mention the grace notes she added as the work progressed.
–George Evelyn Miller, Artist, georgeevelynmiller.com


iSailboat SF Bay

Leslie has been very creative, responsive and professional. She took several of my abstract ideas for the website for my new business, added some of her own and created a very professional site. She also helped me get up and running with the web hosting. I highly recommend her. She provides an obvious and significant value proposition if you are creating or improving your website.
–Rick Corcoran, Owner, iSailboatSFBay.com


The Children's School of Art & Science

Working with Leslie was a joy. Our new website is so right-now, professional, inviting, light-hearted and serious, easy to navigate, schoolish…WOW!
–Barbara Rabin, Creative Director, tcsas.org

Mass Tree

Mass. Tree Wardens & Foresters Assn.

We now have a fantastic new website to help us kick off our second century. Working with Leslie has been a delight. We have benefited from her extensive creative and artistic skills, technology expertise, attention to the tiniest details, prompt responses to requests, and clear explanations. She ensured that the entire project progressed smoothly, efficiently, and economically. The result is a crisp website that is easy to navigate and easy to update in-house. Thank you!
–Karen Doherty, Executive Director, masstreewardens.org


United Nations Assn., MidPeninsula Chapter

Leslie gave us our site back! It had been languishing in the clutches of an ISP's content management system. She was very knowledgeable and helpful in the process of selecting Joomla, and did a fabulous implementation. We couldn't be more satisfied.
–Chris Cosner, MidPeninsula Chapter, unamidpen.org

Smith & Co.

Smith & Co. Remodeling

Leslie customized our GoDaddy Website-Builder site, adding numerous modifications to make it shine and look custom-made, including adding a favicon, improving our banner and menu, and adding a slideshow of our portfolio. She also customized our mobile website to put our best foot forward, no matter how our site is viewed.
– Tim Smith, Owner, smithandcompanyremodeling.com

Article-length clients

You are an incredibly gifted editor. You took my dross and made it shiny and reflective. I think it now at least has a chance for the NY Times, or some similar prestigious publication, which prior to the application of your talents was not even on the radar screen.
I am pleased to let you know that [the journal] accepted the publication of the attached paper "as is." … From the Peer Review Process: "It is impeccably written, thorough in its scholarship, and persuasive in its argument. … Overall, the paper is excellent, and the recommendation is that it be accepted with any changes of substance left to the author's discretion."
At all times Anna was positive and professional while always offering ways to clarify the message. Anna is also someone you can trust for tough, honest, and constructive feedback—exactly what authors are looking for!
I'm in the final process of having my first journal article published—much thanks to you. I learned a great deal about writing from working with you on my dissertation, and have now moved from being a postdoc to a faculty member!
These pieces look excellent. Radically exceeds all expectations I had going in. You did a great job letting the voices of the three of us come out individually while achieving a clean, confident tone. Very nice. Excited to dive into the next batch.

Dissertation clients

Your thoroughness was concise, deliberate, and articulate. I could not have done this without you. Or, I'd be donning my hood as an elder sometime in the 2050's…Endless gratitude!
–Jeff J.
My dissertation chair told me that he would be directing his future dissertation students to my [paper] as a model. I believe it was in large part due to the direction and clarity you offered me every step of the way. You made what was a very overwhelming endeavor for me feel far more contained and doable
–Margaret Boucher
Your work really elevated my paper and pushed me in a direction that was hard for me—but was where I needed to go . . . and I am so grateful for it. You are incredibly good at what you do—and I just wanted to thank you again. Your patience, attention to detail, problem-solving, and all-around brilliance :) made this possible.
Thanks so much for all your help—both technical and emotional. I really appreciated and enjoyed working with you, and your steady assurance was a welcome anchor through the sometimes chaotic waters of this process. You were one of a very small group of people who really felt like they were tracking my progress.
–Sarah Kerr
This was the highest possible professional caliber work, as good or better than I've seen in years from any established publishing house, and I was extremely impressed by the breadth and depth of [Laura's] reading and her keen eye for the smallest details. Her welcome scattered suggestions for improving certain small aspects of presentation and voice and technique were all well thought and appropriate, and her uncanny ability to spot the slightest inconsistencies in the most minute references in the text reveals her dedication to the job at hand.
David Silver
In comparing experiences [with my classmates], I realize how fortunate I am that I went with Laura and Together Editing. The checklist you sent was so easy to work with (and far superior to the Word documents some of my friends got) and the itemized bill I received was straightforward and made it clear how much work went into the process. I imagine your process required more work on your end, and I thank you for doing more to make my job easier. I would definitely recommend you to anyone in need of technical editing.
Many thanks again for your constant support as I labored my way through the dissertation process over the past 3 years. I simply could not have finished the work without your guidance, and I am deeply and eternally grateful to you all for standing by my side throughout the journey.
–Karin B.
I passed my defense! In the discussion with my teacher, he seems to be impressed your editing, because he knows how much difficult to translate specific culture things. It was definitely your help is essential. Again, thank you so much your help!!
–Mika Jones
I officially completed my Ph.D. program! …and no revisions were required. [My chair] said the work is "progressive" "forward" and he said "amazing" twice…So thank you, Anna. You helped me do this.
–Ann-Terese Barket, Ph.D.
Again and again, thank you so much for your support to complete my dissertation. Through completing thesis, I have learned that it is important to have integrity between what I say and do. Thank you so much for all your incredible work!
It has been a pure joy working with you! Given the grueling nature of the doctoral journey, I hardly anticipated "joy" being involved with my technical and copy edit process, but then, I hadn't met YOU!!! Your sweet demeanor, endless patience, and professionalism are like balm to a wounded, weary doctoral student crawling to the finish line. It will be my delight to work with you again sometime.
Thank you so much for all of your help, and your fantastic work. I would not have been able to finish so fast without you!
Anna is THE very best editor I know and she helped me so much in my dissertation writing. She (and her associates) are the only ones I trust with my academic work
Thank you for your wonderful editing, clear instructions, and great improvements of my dissertation.
You have been an amazing gift in my life! I so appreciate your assistance, your humor, your dedication, and your BRILLIANCE!!
My defense went better than I could have ever imagined. NO rewrites, adds, deletes, or anything— at all. My committee wants me to publish in several forms asap. so, thank you thank you thank you! It was a pleasure to work with you.
Very sincerely,
Doctor [ :-) ] Catherine McGovern
Your skills have made this document one that is worthy of academic credibility. Thank you for your time, humor and detail oriented skill set.
–Denise Renye
You were so helpful and so gracious when I had nearly impossible deadlines. I appreciate sincerely all that you did!
–Pat McFarlane
Laura was amazing. She clearly is so gifted at editing but beyond that she was so responsive and supportive throughout the whole process. I really feel like I had a team supporting me.
–Margaret Boucher
Thanks so much for your love and excellent care of my baby. You have helped me create a product that I am proud of. Love and light,
–Bola Cofield
I find the most helpful part is that your team really understands the process, and where we (exhausted doctoral students near the finishing line) are, both mentally and emotionally. You are both kind and efficient.
–Grace Y.